Lakeville Ambulette

We are a rapidly growing owner-operated medical transportation company in New York metropolitan area with our main office located in Nassau County.

Providing non-emergency medical transportation since 2007

For over a decade, Lakeville Ambulette Transportation has been the non-emergency medical transportation provider of choice for the five boroughs, and Nassau and Suffolk counties. We provide flexible, convenient, and reliable transportation services, including a quick response time and relentless dedication. 

Our Ambulettes

We pride ourselves in our fleet of ambulettes. Each vehicle is designed to meet the American Disabilities Act requirements. All vans are regularly inspected by the New York State Department of Transportation. Our vehicles are subject to ongoing and rigorous preventative service program run by a DOT certified mechanic. Vans are equipped with electronic hydraulic lifts, and feature heating and air conditioning for maximum safety and comfort of our passengers.

Our Drivers

We thoroughly screen our drivers to establish compatibility with Lakeville Ambulette Transportation standards. Driving records are scrutinized for infractions. Physical exams are conducted by a doctor to screen candidates. Our supervisors train the candidates prior to being allowed to operate our vehicles. Our drivers are trained in safety techniques, and they also learn to understand the needs of persons that use our service. Our drivers go through a 90-day no-fault probation. As a result our drivers drive different. They always know they have somebody on board that’s fragile.

Lakeville Ambulette is New York State DOT and Nassau and Suffolk County certified. 

We are fully insured and meet or exceed all state and counties insurance requirements.

Enhanced Mobility for All

Lakeville provides a wide range of vans that are wheelchair accessible, offering individuals with mobility challenges the freedom to travel with ease. Our accessible vans are designed to meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and comfort. Experience enhanced mobility and independence with our thoughtfully modified vans.

Uncompromised Safety and Reliability

When it comes to wheelchair accessible vans, safety and reliability are paramount. At Lakeville, we partner with trusted manufacturers to ensure that our vans maintain their structural integrity while accommodating wheelchairs. Our vans feature securement systems, ramps, and lifts that provide easy entry, exit, and maneuverability for wheelchair users without compromising on performance.

Style, Comfort, and Convenience

We believe that wheelchair accessibility should not come at the expense of style and comfort. That’s why our wheelchair accessible vans are designed with premium materials and finishes, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing interior. Enjoy advanced technological features, ample seating configurations, and personalized customization options to make your travel experience enjoyable and convenient.

Lakeville Ambulette

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